Delphic Forge is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion of operatic, musical, and theatrical works for the benefit and edification of the public. It aims to fulfill its mission through educational events and media, assistance in the production of the kinds of works mentioned, and direct appeal for financial support for specific works underwritten by the corporation. From a thematic standpoint, Delphic Forge is especially interested in bringing to public attention, and to the stage, both classical and contemporary artistic creations of aesthetic merit that speak to perennial human concerns and ideas. By doing so, the corporation hopes to inform and inspire the imagination of the spectator with a perspective from which he can effectively evaluate au courant ideologies for the betterment and liberation of the individual and the common good. In fine, the endeavors of Delphic Forge involve a quest for an aesthetics and philosophical anthropology in which reason and the senses are reconciled for the sake of an opening to the transcendent.